RE: Anything similar to ARGUS for sFlow ?

From: Peter Phaal (
Date: 03/25/02

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    Sean O'Neill wrote:
    > Is there anything similar to ARGUS for sFlow ?

    For those unfamiliar with ARGUS, more information can be found at

    Argus is a packet analyzer. It promiscuously monitors network traffic and
    logs information on traffic flows in its own record format. Argus, like many
    other packet analyzers, makes use of libpcap. The libpcap library provides a
    common interface for capturing packets. The sflowtool utility converts sFlow packet streams into
    libpcap format and should allow you to use ARGUS to analyze sFlow data.
    sflowtool can convert sFlow into a variety of other formats providing a
    large number of options for analyzing sFlow.

    Another alternative is NTOP - a free traffic analyzer
    that provides native support for sFlow.

    The list provides links to additional free
    and commercial software that can by used to analyze sFlow data.

    Which particular features of ARGUS are you interested in? There are a large
    number of traffic monitoring applications available, some with very similar
    features to ARGUS. Depending on your requirements there may be a number of
    tools that could satisfy them.

    Peter Phaal
    InMon Corp.

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