MPLS support in sFlow

From: Peter Phaal (
Date: 06/20/02

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    Currently sFlow has somewhat limited support for MPLS. MPLS information may
    be included in captured packet headers, but there is no explicit means for
    an MPLS router to export MPLS information...

    A natural way to add support for MPLS would be to add a new
    extended_information type to the sFlow Datagram ( ). Here is an initial attempt at
    specifying the structure:

    struct extended_mpls {
          address mplsNextHop; /* Address of the next hop */
          unsigned int mplsInLabel; /* Top label of received mpls packet
                                                 (See RFC 3032 for label encoding) */
          unsigned int mplsOutLabelStack<>; /* Label stack for transmitted mpls packet
                                                 Note: First entry is top of stack. */

    Is this sufficient? Are there other fields that should be included? Any
    comments or suggestions are welcome.


    Peter Phaal
    InMon Corp.

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