Improvements to sFlow MIB

From: Peter Phaal (
Date: 09/17/02

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    Hello All,

    A proposed draft of the sFlow MIB has been posted
    < >. The primary changes are
    as follows:

    1. Allow for multiple samplers per interface.
    2. Place the MIB under the new branch.
    3. Split sFlowTable into three separate tables: sFlowRcvrTable (controlling
    sFlow data stream to an sFlow collector), sFlowFsTable (controlling
    flow/packet sampling) and sFlowCpTable (controlling counter polling).

    Normalising the MIB tables (3. above) separates the different functional
    components of the sFlow agent, resulting in simpler translation between the
    MIB attributes and agent behavior. Normalising also makes the MIB easier to
    extend in the future.



    Peter Phaal
    InMon Corp.

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