RE: Re: Re: sFlow Datagram Extensibility

From: Peter Phaal (
Date: 09/25/02

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    > In the flow_sample, we've got:
    > interface input; /* Interface packet was
    > received on. */
    > interface output; /* Interface packet was sent on. */
    > And the "interface" typedef defines formats for these values,
    > including the
    > discard reason codes. Previously, the discard codes were
    > only present in
    > the output field. I think we need to define their
    > applicability to these
    > two fields. Perhaps we should we indicate that while the
    > "single interface"
    > values may appear in either field, the discard codes and the multiple
    > interface codes should only be used in the output field?

    I agree. I've added the following note to the SFLOW-DATAGRAM document:

          Note: Formats 1 & 2 apply only to an output interface and
                never to an input interface. A packet is always
                received on a single (possibly unknown) interface.


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