From: Neil McKee (neil_mckee@inmon.com)
Date: 09/30/02

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    I notice that the ifLastChange variable (or equivalent) is missing from
    the counter samples. ifLastChange is useful for detecting when the
    hardware interface counters have been reset. Otherwise there is a
    danger of generating an erroneous "spike" when accumulating deltas from
    one sample to the next.

    IfLastChange is defined in RFC 2863 like this:

    ifLastChange OBJECT-TYPE
         SYNTAX TimeTicks
         MAX-ACCESS read-only
         STATUS current
                 "The value of sysUpTime at the time the interface entered
                 its current operational state. If the current state was
                 entered prior to the last re-initialization of the local
                 network management subsystem, then this object contains a
                 zero value."
         ::= { ifEntry 9 }


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