ifindex in arts++ viewers

From: Wanja Jansson (wanja@iamit.com)
Date: 11/13/02

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    I am running cflowd on a RedHat 7.3 machine (1) and on another machine (2)
    I have one sFlow Software Probe and one nTop probe running.

    The both probes gets exactly the same data flows from the Switch. nTop send
    the flows to (1) in Netflow format and the sflow probe send it to (1) in
    sflow format after it has been sampled.

    On (1) I then use cflowd and the arts++ viewer to compare the results.
    Before I send the the sflow data to the cflowd I use the sflowtool to
    convert it into NetFlow format.

    Everything works perfect, exept for when I for when I want to view the
    data. For example when Iuse the arts++ viewer "artsnets" . Then the data
    from the ntop probe is shown in one big table without any ifindex while the
    data from the sFlow Probe is divided on 7 different tables, one for each
    ifindex (ifindex 1,2,6,10,14,18 and 26)

    I would like to get the data from the two probes shown similar, so I have a
    chance to campare the both results. And see if there is a difference to
    sample the data or not.

    Does anyone know this problem an knows how I can get around it? Where can
    the problem with the ifindexes be? I mean, does it depend on Cflowd,
    arts++, the sflowtool or the probes?

    Please help me!!
    Best regards

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