Ethereal dissector for sFlow - feedback wanted

From: Jeff Rizzo (
Date: 06/13/03

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    [apologies if this comes through twice. I thought I was subscribed, but I
     guess not. ]

    I've written a dissector for sFlow for the "Ethereal" packet sniffer
    that I'm sure many of you are familiar with. ( )
    The patches were written against version 0.9.12, but they should
    apply cleanly to 0.9.13, and possibly earlier versions as well.
    I'm working on getting them included in the main distribution.

    The patch is available here:

    It's not complete yet, but I've found it useful for looking at the sflow
    packets from a Foundry switch.

    If anyone has any captures of sflow packets (especially any with
    BGP information - none of that is implemented yet) they would be willing
    to share, please contact me.


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