Encoding unknown addresses in sFlow datagrams

From: Peter Phaal (peter.phaal@inmon.com)
Date: 06/26/03

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    Currently there is no specified way to encode an unknown address (for
    example, the next_hop address may not be known for a static route).

    One could specify that an IPv4 address of means unknown, although
    this may be a little obscure, especially if returned by an IPv6 router. An
    explicit unknown value is preferable and can easily be defined as follows:

    /* Address types */

    typedef opaque ip_v4[4];
    typedef opaque ip_v6[16];

    enum address_type {
       UNKNOWN = 0,
       IP_V4 = 1,
       IP_V6 = 2

    union address (address_type type) {
       case UNKNOWN:
       case IP_V4:
       case IP_V6:



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