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    It's pretty easy to try sFlow. There are a number of vendors with sFlow
    enabled switches and routers < >
    and applications for collecting and analyzing sFlow < >. There is also free sFlow agent
    and decoder source code < > that
    will let you experiment with sFlow.

    For basic backgroup information on sFlow take a look at the "About sFlow"
    pages < >.

    You asked whether sFlow was a suitable replacement for NetFlow. There are a
    number of technologies for monitoring traffic on networks, including: sFlow,
    RMON and NetFlow. Each approach has very different characteristics. The
    technology you choose will depend on your requirements. Some of the
    strenghts of sFlow include:
    * Layer 2 support: MAC addresses, vlans, priorities etc. Packets don't need
    to be routed to be monitored.
    * IPv6 support
    * High performance: wire-speed 10Gigabit sFlow implementations already
    * Low cost: available in all classes of equipment, including inexpensive
    layer 2 switches.
    * Scalable: all ports in the network can be monitored continuously from a
    single point, presenting a network-wide view of traffic patterns.
    * Multivendor: industry standard (
    * Real-time: sFlow collector has central real-time view of traffic
    throughout the network.


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    Hi All
    I am using netflow along with few free tools available(flow-tools
    ,+flowscan )....Recently I heard about sflow...I also saw the comparision by
    one of the sflow mailing list member in this link.......
    but I wanted to know more about this.....Is it a replacement of
    netflow....Is it free of cost and can i try it out.... ?
    Can someone help me out to find these answer or maybe can give me few links
    to search in.......

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