From: Yoshiaki Saita <yoshia-s@is.naist.jp>
Date: 07/12/05
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I am a student of Nara Institute of Science and Technology in Japan.
Our research group has been researched how to measure network with
sampling technique, use sampled packet and use these data.
We implemented NetFlow2MySQL to store contents of NetFlow packets into
MySQL database.

And next we implement sFlow2MySQL.
This software stores contents of sFlow datagram into MySQL database.
It can decode sFlow datagram version 2 and 4.
It also can display decoded sFlow datagram with verbose mode.

Please use this software and evaluate it,
if you get interested.

Our web page

Thank you.

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# http://www.inmon.com/support/discussion.php

Yoshiaki Saita

Nara Institute of Science and Technology
  Department of Information Systems
Internet and Architecture Laboratory
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