From: Paolo Lucente <>
Date: 07/27/05
Message-ID: <>


i would like to inform you that pmacct, an IPv4/IPv6 accounting and
aggregation package, has added sFlow in the set of supported protocols.
The version supported are v2/v4/v5. v2/v4 have been tested against
InMon Agent 4.0; v5 has been tested against InMon Agent 5.5 and a few
HP Procurve 2800 switches. The actual implementation ignores the sFlow
MIB (thus the sflowenable tool is still adviceable to configure sFlow: and makes only use of
Flow Samples.

I will be happy to receive *privately* any kind of feedback about the
work done until now and hear for comments, critics, advices, requests,
whatever from you.

The URL for pmacct is:

Finally, let me drop a short description of the pmacct project:
pmacct is a small set of passive network monitoring tools to measure,
account and aggregate IPv4 and IPv6 traffic; it has support for
historical data breakdown, triggers, packet tagging and filtering.
Aggregates can be stored into memory tables, SQL databases (MySQL or
PostgreSQL) or simply pushed to stdout. Data is collected from the
network either using libpcap or reading Netflow v1/v5/v7/v8/v9 and
sFlow v2/v4/v5 datagrams.

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