Re: [patch] Filtering VLANs in sflowtool

From: neil mckee <>
Date: 01/26/06
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OK, I can see that this might be helpful, especially since the vlan
ids are lost when you convert to netflow v5. It might be March
before I get to it, though. I hope that's OK.

One way to do it might be to allocate a boolean array of size
MAX_VLAN_NUMBER, and allow command line options like:

-N <include_vlans> -n <exclude_vlans>

To set or clear the flags (with the first appearing option dictating
the default). Then the filtering step can just be an array lookup.


On Jan 26, 2006, at 1:45 AM, Ivan A. Beveridge wrote:

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> On 24/01/2006 10:50, Christian Hammers wrote:
>> Neil from asked me to send this patch to the mailing list
>> to estimate if there's interest in including it into his sflowtool.
>>> On Jan 23, 2006, at 3:07 AM, Christian Hammers wrote:
>>>> Attached you'll find a little patch that we use to filter some
>>>> VLANs
>>>> which should not be accounted. It still contains some comment lines
>>>> and may be not the best C but feel free to use it.
> It would be great to have it in the mainline code ... it would be
> really
> good (from my point of view) to get the "inverse" of this feature
> aswell
> (specify only certain VLANs to be accounted). I may well use this
> feature (preferably "specify vlans to be accounted") soon-ish :)
> Many thanks to you both
> Ivan
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