EMC, ProCurve and SFlow

From: Purser, Jimmy Ray <jimmy.purser@hp.com>
Date: 07/05/06
Message-ID: <7B122748FA8C43428486C9B15FFD5A99054168FA@ataexc01.americas.cpqcorp.net>

Has anyone seen an issue with Sflow on the ProCurve 9300 causing broadcast
storms? Sounds odd, I know, however, here is what is happening. Using a
ProCurve 9308 switch (Foundry Big Iron) with Sflow enabled, when I connect
a EMC fiber channel switch (Model DS-24 M2) and an end node device sends a
uPNP, the 9308 gets into a broadcast storm. If I remove sflow, the problem
goes away. What in Sflow would cause this? I hate to lose sflow because
now I am blind.


Jimmy Ray Purser
ProCurve Systems Engineer

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