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From: Mandip S Sangha <mandip.sangha@apoapsis.com>
Date: 12/05/06
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Hi All

We're just finishing testing on our sFlow parser, so far we are collecting
source/destinations over 5 minute time buckets. We have looked at the
sflowtool scripts and adjusted the ipTrafficMatrix to give us equivalent data.
Our source/destinations match up as expected, we now need to verify that our
bytes figures for each source/destination is correct.

We have looked at the sFlowTrend tool which has a 'Top source-destination
pairs' chart, this is useful but the time bucket is 1 minute and the figures
are in bits per second. We have requested on how to have sFlowTrend committing
data to a local database and then we could perhaps aggregate the data but I'm
wondering if there is an easier way, perhaps with a different tool, that we
could verify our bytes figures.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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