RE: RE: How do sFlow recover AS numbers?

From: Peter Phaal <>
Date: 04/19/07
Message-ID: <000f01c782f3$f6ff2a90$3200000a@PHAALPC>

>especially people from InMon, who may be able to answer this one (because I
>doubt anyone else knows how
>sFlow is coded as sFlow is not open source, is it???)

The sFlow standard describes the format and meaning of the sFlow datagrams
(i.e. it describes the protocol between an sFlow agent and an sFlow
collector). The specifications are published and freely available:

Routers and switches are highly specialized pieces of hardware. Different
vendors use different ASICs, CPUs, operating systems and architectures. Each
vendor develops their own implementation of sFlow specific to their

I suggest that you contact Alaxala since only they will know the internal
details of their product and the specifics of their sFlow and BGP
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