Re: ifindex numbers

From: Neil McKee <>
Date: 09/05/08
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The Force10 approach is unusual. The relevant RFC recommends that
ifIndex numbers be kept "relatively small", but clearly Force10 saw
an opportunity to make some things easier by using all 32 bits.

The ifIndex is normally just an index into the SNMP MIB-II ifTable,
and so you can get most of the context information you are looking
for there.


On Sep 4, 2008, at 6:03 AM, Rune V. Sjxen wrote:

> I am trying to decode some counter samples and I ran into the
> following problem. I want to separate the information in the ifindex
> fields. For Force10 devices I can follow the procedure described here
> under "How are ifIndexes calculated? " I also have HP devices which
> use non-expanded ifindexes. My question is does anyone know if this is
> standardized somewhere or do I really need to implement different
> decoding for each specific vendor ? And if the altter is the case, how
> can you know which vendor the device belongs to from the information
> in the datagram / counter samples (if this is even possible)
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> Rune V. Sjoen
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