vsprobed: sFlow for virtual switches

From: Neil McKee <neil.mckee@inmon.com>
Date: 03/06/09
Message-Id: <AB51A2CA-223D-427B-876C-A12602DFCCC0@inmon.com>

We just posted a new (free) product, for monitoring virtual
switches. It makes a virtual switch look like another sFlow-enabled
switch on the network, with each VM on a different port:


It is packaged as a source-code download, so it can be used with
VMWare, Xen and other virtualization solutions. We are finding it
useful in our own network, where it runs on Linux and OSX.

Obviously the best place for this feature is within the virtual
switch itself. If anyone is interested in porting the code, we
would be more than happy to help.


Neil McKee
InMon Corp.
Received on Fri Mar 6 13:37:32 2009

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