Re: Not able to see samples using sFlowTrend

From: Jorge Marcos <>
Date: 02/20/09
Message-ID: <>

I have been using sFlowTrend free and I realize that it doesn4t accept
sFlow packets if source IP of datagrams is different of SNMP agent
address configured in (Tools Configure Switches) menu option. Maybe you
have to set sflow agent IP address on the switch.

Jorge Marcos

Rajnish Gupta wrote:
> Folks,
> I have written an sflow agent and but samples are not seen on
> sFlowTrend(free software).
> Although wireshark running on the same host is able to see the sflow
> datagram.
> I changed the sflow collector to sflowtool and samples are seen.
> Is there something wrong with sflow datagram that sFlowTrend is ignoring
> the sflow samples?
> Please suggest.
> Thanks
> Rajnish Gupta
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