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From: Peter Phaal <>
Date: 03/04/10
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To add the the references, the following paper is very interesting:

The paper looks at the power savings that can be achieved by co-ordinated
management of resources in the data center (including virtual machine
placement etc) using closed-loop measurement based control. The paper shows
that 20-60% power savings are possible, depending on the degrees of control
and coordination.

The scalability of sFlow's counter polling would allow for real-time
monitoring the power consumed by 100's of thousands of switches, switch ports,
servers, blade servers, blades and VMs.

Incorporating power measurement into sFlow would tie the power utilization to
the other metrics exported by sFlow. For example, one of the techniques
mentioned in the paper for reducing power is virtual machine migration. sFlow
monitoring in the switches easily determines the location of the VM and the
network bandwidth, protocols and traffic paths that it depends on. In order to
safely migrate the VM, a controller needs to be aware of all of these factors.

In addition, other papers mentioned in this thread show that there are
significant opportunities for power management of switches. Virtual machine
migration changes network traffic utilizations and switch power consumption.
Power monitoring in sFlow provides an opportunity to orchestrate power
management across both the network and the servers.


On Mar 2, 2010, at 5:50 AM, sujay gupta wrote:

> Hi,
> Interestingly some other work has been happening around like the following;
> " Definiton of Managed Objects for Energy Manage"
> " Power Consumption MIB for IP forwarding devices"
> " Energy Monitoring MIB "
> "MIB for Energy, Efficiency, Throughput and Carbon Emission"
> There is work to be happening in the forthcoming IETF 77 ;
> While they all specify mib objects for measurement of power for
> routers/switches/battery/poe/ups etc. sFlow would be an ideal scalable
> candidate to work as the measuring & monitoring tool.
> Regards,
> -Sujay
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