Pakcet sampling after filtering

From: the keralite <>
Date: 04/02/10
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Wanted to find out what the term "filtering" encompasses in the description
of packet sampling in the sFlow spec.
The sFlow spec says
"Packet Flow Sampling is accomplished as follows: When a packet
   arrives on an interface, the Network Device makes a filtering
   decision to determines whether the packet should be dropped. If the
   packet is not filtered a destination interface is assigned by the
   switching/routing function. At this point a decision is made on
   whether or not to sample the packet."

On a network device there could be various kinds of processing happening on
the ingress
- access control policies that may drop the packet
- packet rate limiting mechanisms that may decide to drop the packet
- Exception checks like IP TTL, IPv6 Scope check failures etc. which may
decide to not forward the packet further.

Would the word "filtering" include all the above scenarios?

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