sFlow in BlackDiamond 6800 Series

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Date: 11/04/04
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I had a good surprise when I saw the Extreme BlackDiamond
6800 Series in the list of network equipment with sFlow Agent.

I thought that the only Extreme product that supports sFlow
was BlackDiamond 10808, because it’s a new hardware and has a
new chipset.

I think the chipset called “i” of BD 6800 series was
developed and launched previously of sFlow standard, so
probably the sFlow feature in BD6800 series is not hardware-
based. As far as I know, that feature is software-based that
can consume a lot of CPU.

Is there anybody that can confirm if the sFlow in BD6800
series is software-based and how’s the performance in high
loaded traffic environment?

Thank you

Alexandre Ribeiro
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