RE: [traffic-management] sflowtool and MIB questions

From: Sonia Panchen <>
Date: 10/05/04
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I think that the Foundry FES2402 with software version 03.0.01eTc1 supports
sFlow v2. This version of sFlow will work well with sflowtool and will
provide you with lots of useful information.

sFlow version 5 was published earlier this year and includes additional
features (see for details. You may
want to ask Foundry Networks about their plans to support sFlow v5.

You are correct that the awk sflow test script will only work with sFlow v5.
This is not because of the sFlow MIB, but because of some changes in the
sFlow datagram format. The sFlow MIB is optional and allows a switch to be
configured for sFlow via SNMP. I think that you could quite easily modfy the
awk test script to work with sFlow v2.

There is no problem with using the output of sflowtool to drive your own
customized parser. In fact this is to be encouraged! Perhaps you would like
to publish your parser to and/or for others to use?

Best regards,

Sonia Panchen

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> Hi everybody,
> I am just facing sFlow and I have some basic questions: after
> having unpacked and installed the sFlow toolkit (from
> webpages), I just launched ./sflowtool to see
> pretty-printed output and the datagramVersion that I get is
> 2: is it a problem? I mean, should datagramVersion be 5? (I
> did not launch sflowenable script) The awk test script
> reports the error message "only tests sFlow v5 (reported
> version=2)" but I don't know if I have to care about this
> message. Is this related to the sFlow MIB?
> Furthermore, can I consider the output from sflowtool as the
> starting point for a customized parser? Do I violate InMon's
> rights if I write a parsing script?
> I am monitoring activity on a Foundry FES2402 switch whose
> software version is 03.0.01eTc1. Do I have to upgrade this to
> a newer one?
> Thanks in advance.
> Best regards,
> Simone.
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