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From: Bao <>
Date: 03/01/05
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neil mckee wrote:
> Hello Bao,
> In some switch/router architectures it is not possible to obtain the raw
> packet headers efficiently, and only a subset of the protocols fields
> are available. In that case the structures for IPV4, IPV6 and ETHERNET
> can be used instead. However, where there is a choice it is better to
> export the raw header.
> The specification document at
> includes the following paragraph:
> A flow_sample must contain packet header information. The
> prefered format for reporting packet header information is
> the sampled_header. However, if the packet header is not
> available to the sampling process then one or more of
> sampled_ethernet, sampled_ipv4, sampled_ipv6 may be used.
> As far as I know, the only implementation that uses these structures at
> the moment is our own probe software - we use it when converting Cisco
> NetFlow or Riverstone LFAP to sFlow. I hope someone else will jump in
> and correct me if they know of another implementation, but in any case,
> I recommend that you design your receiver to accept these structures in
> case they appear in the future.

        Hello Neil,

Thanks a lot for your answer, I have another question for you :)

telnet@br4-j#sh ver
   SW: Version 07.7.01eT53 Copyright (c) 1996-2004 Foundry Networks, Inc.

As you can see, we are using the version 07.7 of Foundry software on our
  routers. Actually, datagrams we receive from the sflow agents are
version 2 and my question is : Do we have any possibilities to send
sflow datagrams version 4 from our equipment ? even if it is pretty
similar to version 2. Do we have to upgrade software on our routers ?

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