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Date: 03/01/05
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Hi Bao,
        You can find this in the sflow v5 specification:
        "A flow_sample must contain packet header information. The
   prefered format for reporting packet header information is
   the sampled_header. However, if the packet header is not
   available to the sampling process then one or more of
   sampled_ethernet, sampled_ipv4, sampled_ipv6 may be used."
        May this help you. :)


Fred Chueng

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VwLb: [sFlow] Question about sample

        Hello everyone

      I'm just trying to make a program to analyze our network's traffic
using sFlow. I read that the packet_data_type could get 3 different
values : HEADER (1), IPV4 (2), IPV6(3). Could anyone explain me in which
cases we could have IPV4 ?
I'm doing different tests on our network and the packet_data value is
always 1 (HEADER).

here is the flow sample structure :

struct flow_sample {
        unsigned int sequence_number;
        unsigned int source_id;
        packet_data_type packet_data;


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