Reporting Quality of Service data in sFlow

From: Peter Phaal <>
Date: 01/25/06
Message-Id: <>

RFC 3611 describes an extension to the RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) that
allows various quality of service related statistics to be reported. If a
device is maintaining RFC3611 statistics then a sFlow agent on that device
could attach an extended_rtp record with the relevant quality of service
statistics to each RTP flow record.


RFC 3611 already defines a record format that could simply be encapsulated:


struct extended_rtp {

  opaque erbs<>; /* RFC3611 Extended Report Blocks */



Combining quality of service data with the detailed information about
network traffic that sFlow currently provides would make it much easier to
identify the root cause of quality of service problems. For example an sFlow
monitoring system would be able to identify that incorrect ToS, VLAN or
layer 2 priority settings were affecting quality of service for particular


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