Re: Reporting Quality of Service data in sFlow

From: kobayashi atsushi <>
Date: 01/30/06
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Hello Peter,

I am interesting about it. But, I have some question.

Q1) I can't image how to implement to a device.
Is this function builded in Media Gateway or Session Border Controller
instead of Router or Switch?

Q2) If you know products that already have this function, please introduce
it to us. I would like to try to evaluate this products.

Kobayashi Atsushi

On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 15:17:29 -0800
"Peter Phaal" <> wrote:

> RFC 3611 describes an extension to the RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) that
> allows various quality of service related statistics to be reported. If a
> device is maintaining RFC3611 statistics then a sFlow agent on that device
> could attach an extended_rtp record with the relevant quality of service
> statistics to each RTP flow record.
> RFC 3611 already defines a record format that could simply be encapsulated:
> struct extended_rtp {
> opaque erbs<>; /* RFC3611 Extended Report Blocks */
> }
> Combining quality of service data with the detailed information about
> network traffic that sFlow currently provides would make it much easier to
> identify the root cause of quality of service problems. For example an sFlow
> monitoring system would be able to identify that incorrect ToS, VLAN or
> layer 2 priority settings were affecting quality of service for particular
> users.
> Peter

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