pmacct: now can export sFlow datagrams

From: Paolo Lucente <>
Date: 07/20/06
Message-ID: <>

Hi Lads,
i'm happy to announce that pmacct 0.11.0rc1 ( ) has
been just released, introducing sFlow probe capabilities (ie. export sFlow
datagrams to remote collectors). sFlow is not new into the project as a
collector daemon, sfacctd, made its appearance with year ago 0.9.0 release.

The new sfprobe plugin is based over InMon Agent 5.6 and a great thank you
goes to them! The implementation currently allows for libpcap -> sFlow and
sFlow -> sFlow injection and soon it will also allow NetFlow -> sFlow.
Even in a sFlow -> sFlow scenario, pmacct can offer flexible pre-processing
capabilities (ie. filter Flow Samples, split incoming sFlow streams into
multiple, customer-bound sFlow streams where, say, each customer can look
solely for his own network data, etc.).

An extract from the ChangeLog follows:

  a new 'sfprobe' plugin is available and allows to create sFlow
  v5 datagrams and export them to a IPv4 collector. The work is
  based on InMon sFlow Agent 5.6 software. A set of configuration
  directives allows to tune sampling rate (sfprobe_sampling_rate),
  sFlow agent IP address (sfprobe_agentip), collector parameters
  (sfprobe_receiver) and agentSubId value (sfprobe_agentsubid).
  Many thanks to InMon for their software and Ivan A. Beveridge
  for his support.

Let me remind that pmacct is free, open-source software, released under the
terms of GPLv2 licence. For further informations and a description of pmacct
project, you can refer to its homepage at the following URL:

Otherwise, at the following URL is available a brief presentation of the
project from last RIPE meeting:

Thank you for your attention.

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