parsing sflow question (sflowtool.c vs spec)

From: Mike Haberman <>
Date: 09/10/06
Message-ID: <>


    I am writing a Java based parser for sFlows. I am having a problem
    resolving what sflowtool.c does and what the SFLOW-DATAGRAM5.txt

    1. When sflowtool.c reads in a sample datagram, it does

       sample->sequenceNo = getData32(sample);
       sample->sysUpTime = getData32(sample);
       samplesInPacket = getData32(sample);

       Where samplesInPacket is even described in SFLOW-DATAGRAM5.txt. ?

     2. When sflowtool.c dispatchs on the sample type ...

       switch(sample->sampleType) {
       case SFLFLOW_SAMPLE: readFlowSample(sample, NO); break;
       case SFLCOUNTERS_SAMPLE: readCountersSample(sample, NO); break;
       case SFLFLOW_SAMPLE_EXPANDED: readFlowSample(sample, YES); break;
       case SFLCOUNTERS_SAMPLE_EXPANDED: readCountersSample(sample, YES); break;

         Each of those functions first does a read to get the sample length:

          sampleLength = getData32(sample);
          sample->samplesGenerated = getData32(sample);

        Where is sampleLength described in SFLOW-DATAGRAM5.txt ?

      I must not be reading something properly.. Thanks to anyone
      who can set me straight.



Mike Haberman
Senior Network Research Engineer
Received on Sun Sep 10 21:58:50 2006

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