Re: Snapshots of Sflow

From: Elisa Jasinska <>
Date: 05/16/08
Message-ID: <>

Hi Alex,

At least for the time you enable sflow export on your device you have to
have an outside box to receive the information.

Further I'm not sure if a "snapshot" would be of much help. Keep in mind
that sflow doesn't keep any counters on the devices itself but rather
samples the packets as they come by. That means that every analysis has
to be done externally (by a collector).

You could probably enable the collecting periodically for a certain
amount of time and analyze the data for the given time frame. But I'm
not sure if I understand correctly what you would want to see? Could you
elaborate what you mean by flows over as?

Kind regards

Alexandre Snoeck wrote:
> Hey all,
> Is it possible to get snapshots of sflow?
> This would be because i would like to be able to ask a foundry switch
> information about bgp without having a collector running all the time....
> I know a system with a collector will probably give more relevant information
> but i would like to have an approximate value every once in a while of the
> flow over as.
> Is this at all possible, if so how?
> Thanks
> Alex

Elisa Jasinska - AMS-IX NOC
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