Re: Snapshots of Sflow

From: Alexandre Snoeck <>
Date: 05/16/08
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Thanks for the anwer Elisa

Well i would like something similar to Netflow. There it is possible to
snapshots from how much traffic went to a certain as, without having a system
analyzing the info all the time.

From what you tell me this is imposible with sflow.

I would like to eliminate the need of a collector, and just have some sort of
resume as an snmp trap or some equivalent.


On Friday 16 May 2008 11:20:13 you wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> At least for the time you enable sflow export on your device you have to
> have an outside box to receive the information.
> Further I'm not sure if a "snapshot" would be of much help. Keep in mind
> that sflow doesn't keep any counters on the devices itself but rather
> samples the packets as they come by. That means that every analysis has
> to be done externally (by a collector).
> You could probably enable the collecting periodically for a certain
> amount of time and analyze the data for the given time frame. But I'm
> not sure if I understand correctly what you would want to see? Could you
> elaborate what you mean by flows over as?
> Kind regards
> Elisa
> Alexandre Snoeck wrote:
> > Hey all,
> >
> > Is it possible to get snapshots of sflow?
> >
> > This would be because i would like to be able to ask a foundry switch
> > information about bgp without having a collector running all the time....
> >
> > I know a system with a collector will probably give more relevant
> > information but i would like to have an approximate value every once in a
> > while of the flow over as.
> >
> > Is this at all possible, if so how?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Alex
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