Re: AS sets and sequences

From: Danny McPherson <>
Date: 01/16/09
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On Jan 14, 2009, at 6:19 PM, wrote:

> Thank you Renan,
> well I think it cannot be helped. However, there is still a
> question of why there are sets and sequences. When do sFlow
> exporters will export AS path data as a set (unordered) and when do
> they export these data as a sequence (ordered). There must be a
> reason for the existence of both type of sets, right? Actually, I
> would be ok with only sequences since they gave me the order of the
> next ASs to come.

See S5.1.6 of RFC4271 for an explanation of why AS_SETS

AS_SETs are rare in today's Internet routing system, but
they do exist. A terse look at routeviews currently shows
only 46 routes with AS_SET out of 291464.

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