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Logical Entity SFlowDataSource Index Numbers

The following table provides a catalog of logical entity data source index number assignments in order to avoid clashed between sub-agents on a host:

1-65535Primary TCP/UDP server port
65536-99999Locally assigned
100000-199999Host sFlow

The index range 1-65535 should be used when reporting on network services. The index numbers are assigned based on the TCP/UDP server port used to access the service. An index may only be used if the service has successfully opened the port and port assignement is static (i.e. service will open same port every time it is started).

Explicitly assigned numbers are only required for logical entity data sources that only report counters (i.e. there are no network transactions associated with the data source). If more than one instance may be running on a single host then a mechanism must be provide to override the default. Manual assignement should be from the range reserved for local assignments (65536-99999).

Note: An application data source will typically be associated with a sub-agent embedded with the application. Using the logical entity data source index as the sub_agent_id value ensures that sub_agent_id values will not clash.