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Licensing Objectives

sFlow is licensed free of charge from InMon Corporation. The purpose of the license is to ensure consistent and interoperable implementations, and correct use of the sFlow trademark and logo.

Section 2.1 of the sFlow License Agreement grants a royalty free right to use the intellectual property covered by the sFlow Patents ( US Patent No. 6,894,972 B1, US Patent No. 7,164,657 B2, and US Patent Number 8,504,686 B2 ).

The sFlow logo may only be used as described in section 2.3 of the sFlow License Agreement. Application developers may also use the sFlow logo to indicate that the software is capable of receiving sFlow data.

Note: A high resolution version of the sFlow logo is available here.

Products implementing sFlow and the supporting documentation may link to the sFlow.org web site.